留学生のためのお部屋探し The Guide of ROOM FINDING for Foreign Students

The Guide of ROOM FINDING for Foreign Studentsー留学生のためのお部屋探し

ULGの特徴 ULG's Advantage

海外からでも契約可能 保証人不要 緊急連絡先不要

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「まずは自分でお部屋を探したい!」という人は UniLifeのホームページへ(日本語表記のみ)
“To find a room by yourself first”, go to UniLife HP. (Japanese Only)


ULGのお部屋探しサービス ULGのお部屋探しサービス

Point.1 海外からでも送金OK。ビザ発行前でも契約可能! Payment and Contract from Overseas before Visa Issuance Possible

ULGでご紹介する学生マンションは、進学先の合格通知があれば、殆どのマンションでお申込み、ご契約が可 能です。
海外からの契約金・月々の家賃の支払いも可能。 In the case of other companies, a contract without a residence card and valid visa will be unacceptable.
However, you can sign a contract for a room in our student apartments, as long as you have a letter of acceptance from your school.
Our staff serves you flexibly by using tools like email, SNS and international mail service, depending on your situation.
Payment of contract fee & monthly rent from overseas is possible.

Point.2 保証人&緊急連絡先不要!(入居後は緊急連絡先必要) Guarantor & Emergency Contact Person Not Necessary(EMG Contact Person is required after Move-in)

ULGでお部屋探しをされる留学生の皆様は、 今お使いのSNSアカウントかメールアドレスをご申告頂くだけ で、この特別な保証プランをご利用頂けます。 To find a guarantor and emergency contact person in Japan will be challenging for foreign students.
This is especially the case if they come to Japan for the first time.
For a student like this, ULG prepares a plan that guarantees his/her rent payment.
You can use this rent guarantee plan, just providing us with a SNS account or email address in use.

Point.3 新生活の費用を節約!!家具家電付きデザインルーム Save Expenses for a New Life!! Furnished Rooms with Appliances and Furniture

お部屋のタイプに合わせて、全4種類のプランがあります。 4 Plans for Furnished Rooms depending on Room Type.

Point.4 入居した日から使用OK!! UniLife-net UniLife-net Available on Move-in Day!!

入居した日からインターネットが使用できます。 You can use Internet from the Day of Move-in.

Point.5 今申し込んでも、家賃は入居開始日からでOK! Now Reserved, Rent Charged from Move-in Day!!

通常は契約したその月から必要となる家賃。UniLifeのマンションなら、 いつお申込みされても家賃は実際の契約開始月(入居月)からでOK! In most cases, rent payment begins in the month you sign the contract.
With our UniLife's student apartments, however, you will be charged house rent from the beginning of your actual contract period (your move-in day).
※ Not all rooms are applied to this reservation system. Please ask staff for the detail.

留学生のお引越しまでの流れ 留学生のお引越しまでの流れ

Step.1部屋を探すFinding a Room

  1. まずは、ご希望の条件、入居希望日等お知らせください。
    メール・SNS(WeChat /LINE/Kakao Talk)お好みの方法をお選びください。 この際、お部屋探しに必要な簡単な個人情報も合わせてお伺いします。
  2. スタッフがご希望に沿ったおススメの物件をご紹介します。
  3. お好みの物件をお選びください。
  1. Make an inquiry via email or SNS (WeChat /LINE/Kakao Talk) and tell us some personal information, preferences, the period of your stay, etc.(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
  2. We will suggest some recommendable rooms.
  3. Choose one that you like the best.

Step.2契約の申し込み Contract Application

  1. 気に入ったお部屋が決まりましたら、担当スタッフにお知らせください。
  2. ご自宅で申込書を印刷し、ご記入をお願いします。
  3. 下記書類を、スキャンデータか携帯電話の撮影データでお送りください
    ① 記入済みの申込書
    ② パスポート(顔写真の掲載されているページ)
  4. 担当スタッフがお送り頂いた書類を保証会社に送付し、審査を行います。
  1. Let us know if you would like to apply for the room. We will send you an application form as a PDF file via email or SNS.
  2. Print out the form and fill it out at home.
  3. Scan / take a photo of these:
    ① the filled-out application form,
    ② the photo page on your passport,
    ③ a certificate of admission (or student card) issued by your school. Send them to us as digital data.
  4. We will send these documents to the guaranty company, which screens you.

Step.3担当より「重要事項説明」を受けるAttending“Important Points Explanation”


※お客様が海外在住の場合は、契約書は海外郵送させて頂きます。 After having passed the screening, we will set up an online conversation with you and read out "Important Points Explanation" about the contract.
Translation service is available (English/Chinese/Korean)(This face-to-face explanation is a compulsory step under the real-estate transaction laws in Japan.)Upon your agreement, we will send documents for contract to your home address.

Step.4契約書の記入/契約金の送金Filling in the Contract Form

書類の記入方法は、詳細なガイドを同封します。また、海外からの送金(クレジットカード可)で契約金のお支払いを行います。 Receiving the documents, complete filling out the contract form and making the payment by remittance (or credit card).
Follow a guideline attached.
Mail the filled-out contract form and other necessary documents to us.

Step.5ご入居(鍵の受け取り)Receiving the Key and Moving-in

パスポート/在留カード等でご本人様確認をさせて頂いた後、お部屋の鍵をお渡しします。さあ、新生活のスタートです! Visit our store during open hours on the 1st day of the contract period.
Show us your passport, residence card, and so on.
Receive the key and go to your room. Your new life starts!!

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